Temperature:  165 to 180ºC  Pressure: 4 Bar - Media  Time: 4 to 8 "
Extraction: Cold
Washing: Cold -30°C

Glitter Heat Transfers

Transfer Glitter - Brillante Offset

  • Application in the areas you wish
  • Fashion, souvenirs, advertising ...

Transfer screenprint gives us a glowing effect through the frost. Sparkle In the case of the frost is thick and bright visual effect, in Glitter Heat Transfers frost is thinner.

Brings out any part of the picture and thus get a different effect and bright in specific areas within the same image.

To print on cotton, polyester cotton and artificial fibers.


We recommend testing before initiating a series stamping as there may be tissues that do not support very high temperatures required for transfer dye fabrics that are degraded by contact with transfer inks or materials such as acrylic that could acquire lustrous.