Hot Split

Temperature:  185 to 190ºC  Pressure: 4.5 Bar - High  Time: 8 to 10 "
Removal: Heat
Washing: Cold -30°C

Hot Split
Heat Transfers


Transfer Hot Split - Plano

  • Up to 12 colors
  • Barely perceptible touch
  • Fashion, souvenirs, advertising ...


The Hot Split Heat Transfers are easily applied with little touch (thickness) that simulates a direct printing on the garment.

Oriented polyester garments, cotton and blends. Where to apply in other tissues such as elastic, add the Double Component in order to obtain extra elasticity and adhesion in the Transfer.

We recommend testing before initiating a series stamping as there may be tissues that do not support very high temperatures required for transfer dye fabrics that are degraded by contact with transfer inks or materials such as acrylic that could acquire lustrous.